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National Production Day

AApril 26each year since 2011 we celebrate theNational Production Day.

Although it seems a little out of step with the globalized economic reality in which we live, this celebration is intended to raise awareness and/or remind the Portuguese population of the social and economic context in which national production fits, allowing the attenuation of unemployment and definitively raising national production in foreign markets, creating value and making it more competitive, precisely in this increasingly global market.

The consumption of our products also makes it possible to reduce the carbon footprint, resulting from the lower impact of CO2 emissions, related to the shorter distances traveled by the products from their availability to the final consumer.

We are already self-sufficient in several products, including food products. We can see our products identified with specific symbology at retail, allowing an informed choice, and thus boosting and valuing our economy, reducing imports.

OAquinas Grouphas a dimension that definitely goes beyond our country, being an example of entrepreneurship, showing that Portugal develops, innovates, produces and markets products, fulfilling and exceeding the expectations of thousands of consumers.

In general, buttodayin particular, we must consume our products.

Buy what's ours!

Portugal is all of us!

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