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On the 5th of June  the annualWorld Environment Day.this day aims to alert populations and governments to the need to protect and preserve the environment.

June 5  marks the day on which the 1st United Nations Conference on the Environment, which took place in 1972 in Stockholm, Sweden, began.The event was a milestone and its Final Declaration contains 19 principles that are based on the need to “inspire and guide the peoples of the world towards the preservation and improvement of the human environment”, thus laying the foundations for the new environmental agenda of the United Nations.

Three of the companiesAquinas Group  are certified in this area:Novaqui,clibedIt isGofoam.


The Aquinos Group tries tolessen the environmental impactof its activity,implementation of good practices, namely:

- Policies for monitoring the reduction of waste of articles;

- Projects to integrate waste into the group's processes;

- Environmental Impact Assessment Tool implemented and constantly updated;

- Availability of means for the correct separation of waste;

- Maximization of waste recovery/treatment (avoiding landfilling);

- Monitoring and control of energy and water consumption;

- Definition of selection criteria for more ecological materials, less environmental impact;

- Between others.


"Clean environment is not what is cleaned the most, but  what is least dirty"

"Through ignorance or indifference we can cause massive and irreversible damage to the environment on which our lives and well-being depend."

“Defending and improving the environment for current and future generations has become a fundamental goal for humanity.”

- Excerpts from the Declaration of the UN Conference on the Environment (Stockholm, 1972)

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