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quality, sustainability and research policy, development and innovation

The Aquinos Group combines the dynamics of its management, the constant changes in the market, customer trends and technological developments with its experience and tradition in the sector, in order to establish itself as reference business success and sustainability.

The performance of the Aquinos Group is based on a focus on the expectations of the parties, in order to involve them in a commitment to improvement and in the achievement of excellence.


The Group's sustainability is based on responsible economic growth, which involves adopting practices that aim to reduce costs, using resources more efficiently, increasing quality and improving corporate identity. Aquinos Group has always had an increased concern in the Sustainability area, supported by the conscious use of the natural resources at its disposal and by encouraging development and social support, with a very active participation in the community.

We are committed to contribute to a sustainable future for all!

Principles of innovation

INNOVATION is part of the DNA of the Aquinos Group, being transversal to all the companies that are part of it.

Innovation is governed by the following principles:


- Promotion of internal creativity, joining the knowledge acquired over more than 30 years of experience to the new challenges posed by market needs;


- Development of innovative products in order to establish a harmony between design and comfort;


- Careful selection of the raw materials to be used in the products taking into account the group's commitments to respect for the environment;


- Constant promotion of a more dynamic culture, according to high standards of demand, stimulating cooperation among the various sectors of the group, in order to raise the capacity of critical spirit, creating minds more open to the change;


- Active search for innovative solutions for products and services, stimulating the technological development with strategic partners.

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